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Thankful for You!

On this Thanksgiving week in 2020, gratitude has a deeper meaning. I want to take a quick moment to thank the many people in my network who made this year so much more bearable with collaboration, camaraderie, and generosity.

To my clients, Thank You - for the opportunity to serve, to support, and to collaborate.

To my vendor partners, Thank You - for quickly pivoting to develop newly relevant tools.

To my industry peers, Thank You - for your willingness to share and collaborate.

To my Cadence team, Thank You - for your talent, your wisdom, and your dedication.

To the industry association teams, Thank You - for providing resources and education.

I'm not sure as an industry, that we have ever taken the amount time to collaborate and come together as we did in 2020. My hope in the coming year is that we'll continue to find opportunity to do this, and that we'll have the opportunity to strengthen all the new tools, resources, workflows, and relationships we've built this year.

Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing you all as much gratitude as I have for you!



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