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Past Events

  • Thu, Feb 25
    Online Event
    This is the one! The real scoop on marketing benchmarks, cost analysis, and predictive indicators for forecasting and decision making! Read on to learn more.
  • Thu, Dec 17
    Via Zoom Meetings
    Join us for an uplifting finish to 2020 with fellow multifamily marketers.
  • Thu, Sep 24
    Online Event
    Join us for a session specific to marketers! Together, we'll spend a little time collaborating with the constant change affecting our industry and hear from experts on the top trends you NEED to be tackling.
  • Thu, Jul 23
    Online Event, Recapped on Our Blog
    In July's Cadence Connect session we discussed the challenges facing the overall rental market and the neighborhoods hard hit by economic and social impacts. From unexpected vacancies & renewal strategies, to best practices for market watch and concession use, we recapped it on the blog!
  • Thu, Jun 11
    Online Event
    In this session we covered resident engagement activities, how to approach restricted amenity use, and best ways to support areas hard hit by riot activity.
  • Mon, Mar 09
    Sisyphus Brewery
    In the March session of Cadence Connect we covered how to determine what to tackle in-house, and what to outsource.
  • Mon, Dec 09
    Sisyphus Brewing
    In the December session of Cadence Connect we covered how to pitch recommendations to executive and senior leadership teams and how to launch new initiatives including how to cultivate new habits/behaviors with on-site teams.
  • Mon, Aug 26
    FINNEGANS Brew Co.
    In the August session of Cadence Connect we covered how to keep up with the constant demand for content, effectively managing multiple lease-ups at the same time and tips and tricks on how to get it all done as an army of one.
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