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Marketing and media tactics change rapidly, and it's tough for small teams in mid-size organizations to keep the pace of research and development while managing day-to-day operations.


Directors often find themselves in reaction mode more often than proactive, spending more time on tactical demands than on analysis of what lies beyond the horizon.


Twenty years in director and training roles, deploying new marketing initiatives while maintaining existing business needs, has taught me the value of questioning status quo and properly pacing next endeavors. Time and research is needed to identify and confront blind spots, vet solutions, deploy competitive resources, and train team members who utilize the tools most.


I have experienced the challenges that come with launching large-scale initiatives with small teams, and have learned to properly vet vendors and solutions based on the specific needs of the organization versus the average user. Most importantly, pacing and prepping teams for the long haul of demanding projects, while maintaining a sequential focus on existing business needs.


Cadence Marketing Solutions is the culmination of years of experience developing and deploying competitive marketing solutions with some of the most talented in-house teams and vendors in the industry. I was fortunate to have spent the first half of my career with highly reputable companies, developing networks across the nation with brilliant marketers leading our industry. I look forward to the next chapter with the ability to partner strategically with peers I have always admired.


Let's build the cadence of your creative efforts!

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Janet Rosseth
Founder & CMO
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