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About Cadence Marketing Solutions

In running, cadence is often defined as the total number of steps you take per minute and one of the factors which make up a runner’s speed. As runners find their optimal cadence, they are able to run at the same speed with less effort. Efficiency at it’s finest.

Cadence Marketing Solutions was created to level the marketing playing field for small teams in mid-size multifamily organizations with smart and sustainable marketing and operations strategies. Our team understands the struggle to keep the pace of research and development while managing day-to-day operations. We know what it’s like to sprint towards new technologies and trends, only to find that there’s not enough bandwidth to maintain them effectively. 

At Cadence, we truly understand the fast paced landscape of the multifamily industry and the unique challenges of trying to keep pace with companies that have larger marketing teams. We can help turn chaos into collaboration and obstacles into occupancy.

A team phot of Cadence Marketing Solutions

Our Crew

Photo headshot of Janet Rosseth, found of Cadence Marketing Solutions
Photo headshot of Aly Bilyeu, Cadence team member.
Photo headshot of Christy Hammad, a Cadence team member.

Janet Rosseth

Aly Bilyeu

Christy Hammad

Founder & CMO

Senior Consultant, People Performance

Senior Consultant, Asset Performance

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Photo headshot of Ann Herlocher, a Cadence team member
Photo headshot of Brianna Pyka, a Cadence team member

Ann Herlocher

Brianna Pyka

Executive Assistant & Operations Manager

Business Consultant

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