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Run Club

Our Cadence Run Club membership subscription connects you with an enthusiastic and experienced support system of marketers and gives you access to all of the tools, resources, and forms we have developed over the years.

Fast Track

Fast Track is our recorded, self-guided series with 7 sessions that help a multifamily marketer organize and approach the position to meet and exceed expectations.

One-to-one Coaching

This is our one-to-one mentoring opportunity. We meet one to two times monthly and cover the principles in Fast Track associated directly with your current marketing projects

Endurance Leasing Training

Endurance is our 6 part video module series for continued skill building in multifamily leasing. Paired with an easy to follow workbook, this course is perfect for both leasing beginners AND seasoned leasing agents.

Asset Performance Audits

Asset Performance Audits


One-of-a-kind measurement of your leasing experience from the prospect lens. We measure the friction factor in your current presence and processes to provide recommendations that will ultimately drive lead conversion. More >


Provides invaluable insight and property specific recommendations that you need to competitively position your asset and drive the success of your marketing and leasing efforts. More >

PACER Report*

Ad hoc reporting and analysis of a subject property or properties. Includes market information and comp set recommendation. More >

*Offered to existing clients only 

Marathon Partnerships

Marathon Partnerships


Strategic advisory access to support your operational initiatives and large scale projects.

Lease-up Support

Project management or advisory from start to finish bringing a new brand to life and full occupancy to your asset.


Custom discovery + strategy solution that will uncover and prioritize areas of opportunity to quickly level up your organization's competitive marketing strategies.

Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner


Occupancy Recovery

Implementation Support

Lease-up Lab

It's never just a lead generation issue! In this workshop, we'll take you and/or your team through the development of an internal process to guide underperforming assets to occupancy recovery.

Our crew brings a 30, 60, 90 day strategy to implementations to make sure you launch successfully, and train effectively to avoid "launch and leave it syndrome". From reputation management to CRM's and website products, we've got you covered.

Introducing Lease-up Lab - a new series in our online community, Run ClubJoin us as we explore the intricacies of lease-up strategies, sharing insights and best practices that can elevate your marketing efforts.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

Looking for an industry expert and engaging leader to come speak to your team or at your next company event? Or hoping to book a private Coaches Corner workshop?


 Cue Cadence Marketing Solutions Founder & CMO Janet Rosseth! 

Available topics include:

Back to Basics Leasing

Marketing & Leasing Trends

Reputation Strategy

Leadership & Team Building: Working Genius

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