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Planning for Changes to your Leasing Process due to Covid-19

I'm sure you are all working like crazy to modify protocols for your corporate and onsite teams, and I want to be helpful where I can.

For my current clients, and those I have worked closely with in the past, I'm going to be doing my best to keep you informed of new resources, conversations, and tactics being utilized by operators across the country.

I'm watching many different sites and will try to compile info in a place you can access quickly as needed. In the meantime, here are some immediate thoughts:

Leasing Process - Leads are likely to dip. For those who still are out there looking, they are serious, and the best agents with the smoothest process will win them! I have some clients who are high tech, and others who are working their way there. It's time to adjust fast; test and fix as you go.

In Person Tours - For those who still wish to have a guided leasing tour, and agents who are comfortable doing that, be sure to have protocols for minimizing physical contact. Type info into the digital guest card instead of leaving paper guest cards & pens out, and wipe down door handles as you go.

Digital Tours - People won't expect you to shoot professional video tours overnight, but creativity will go a long way. Allow your agents to capture a quick video tour of vacant units (move-in ready), and models. Save them to Icloud or YouTube, and you'll be able to send them out with every email reply to cut the need for a scheduled tour. If your agents are still in the office, allow Facetime tours to avoid close contact. Test your ideas on another co-worker so you know how they'll work with prospects.

Email & Phone Follow-up - Once you have your digital tour captured, email all previous prospects so they can take their quick tour from the safety of their home. For callers, offer them a tour sent by email. Prospects who have contacted in the last 60 days may be stalling their decision to move based on the social distancing. Reach out via email and make it easy for them to conduct their apartment search without sacrificing health.

Record All Leads - Make sure your agents have a place to record all leads and follow up. For those who have already been doing this, it's going to be a game changer! For those who aren't - it's going to be debilitating. We are likely to shift out of a high demand market, and solid leasing skills will win the leases!

Use Your Online Application Link! - If you don't have an online app, contact your screening agency right away. I promise you they either have it covered or are working on it as I'm typing. They usually have a link you can use to invite your prospect to apply.

Clarify Your Precautions - Consider a statement in your email signature line that clearly indicates that you are actively taking precautions.

Marketing - If you run pre-scheduled social media posts, be sure to look ahead and pull any that don't seem appropriate given the current situation.

Have additional questions? Reach out. If I don't know the answer right away, I have resources and will work hard to help you navigate these new protocols.

More Resources:  - local photography vendor creates quick tours



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