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Mile Marker: February in the Cadence Run Club Online Community

February was a month for the books in Run Club - Cadence Marketing Solutions' online community for multifamily marketers (no running required!) Our community continues to grow, and we were excited to bring in three special guests as well as two vendor partners to contribute to our LIVE Monday sessions for the month. These sessions leaned into the professional experiences and insights of our guests and attendees and covered topics ranging from new tech tools and trends, non-optional fees, and first impressions in an active construction zone! Below is a sneak peek into each of the sessions - to learn more about Run Club, RSVP to upcoming Run Club LIVE sessions, and engage with our dynamic community, visit

Lessons with Leaders: Melissa Robbins

In February's edition of our Lessons with Leaders series, we welcomed special guest, Melissa Robbins! Melissa, formerly with Greystar, is now an independent consultant with an impressive industry career of over 20 years. She started on the supplier side and recently completed a successful 14-year tenure as Senior Director of Marketing at Greystar. Melissa shared the lessons she learned along the way as well as a peek into how marketing looks behind the curtain of one of the biggest international management companies. In case you missed it live, get access to the full recording in Run Club!

Revisiting Non-Optional Fees with Vendor Partners

In our second session of the month, we welcomed two of our vendor partners for a conversation about the latest in non-optional fee guidelines! In this informative session, we revisited the new regulations around availability advertising with our friends at Digible and Rent. and got to hear about some new tech updates to ensure compliance with the latest law changes. Did you miss this session or would like to reference back? As always, members can view the full session recording in Run Club!

Can’t Live Without It! Favorite Tech Tool Show & Tell

Our third live session this month was a fun one - we asked attendees to bring their favorite tech tool for a "show & tell!" and we had a collaborative conversation about our go-to gadgets, apps, and favorite tools - from industry game-changers to everyday essentials. Head to Run Club to view the full session recording! Have a tool that you'd like to contribute to this conversation? Post about it in our Sideline Chat!

Lease Up Lab with Josh Hinchley & Stacy Ekholm

Our fourth session this month was our third monthly session in our Lease Up Lab series discussing first impressions on an active construction site. We were excited to welcome Josh Hinchley, Director of Marketing & Leasing at Yellow Tree, and Stacy Ekholm, Chief Operating Officer at Norhart, to give their insight on effective lease-up management strategies. We covered aligning owner expectations and prospect preferences, evaluating rent loss versus concessions, and ensuring excellent tours to maintain a positive reputation. Additionally, we explored the utilization of self-scheduling tools and engagement techniques with potential tenants, reputation management, pop-up offices and navigating city regulations.

This was an awesome conversation with so much great information to reference back to! Run Club member Susan Switras Meyer, Operations & Marketing Manager at Mid Continent Management, said it best: "Ok Cadence team, I need to rewatch that one like 5 times. I’m looking forward to the replay being posted! That was so informative!" Check out the full session recording in Run Club.

Water Break Every Friday!

Multifamily marketing is like running a marathon & water stops are critical in keeping pace. We got you! Join us every Friday at 10:30 for a water break and replenish your creative juices with our collaborative conversations. As always, our members-only weekly Water Break conversations were collaborative, informative, and fun this month!

Don't forget to keep an eye on upcoming events in Run Club! Topics and guests are selected based on the biggest questions we find ourselves asking as well as the challenges Run Club members are currently facing. Don't miss out on your opportunity to collaborate and connect with fellow multifamily marketers - join Run Club today! Questions? Reach out to us here.

Have you RSVP'ed to our upcoming IN-PERSON Cadence Connect event?! Save the date - April 10th, 2024. Learn more and RSVP here!



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