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Meet the newest member of the Cadence Crew!

Thanks to strong partnerships with our existing clients, demand in our multifamily markets, and steady conversations with new prospects, the Cadence Crew is growing!

If you've been with us for Cadence Connect events in the past year, you've likely met Aly and Brianna, both have been providing part-time support on client projects and Cadence brand management.

We've been working on streamlined products and services to bring you even more asset performance support, mentoring content, and compelling conversations about pivotal marketing initiatives.

With these services, we are pleased to introduce our newest crew member, Christy Schultz!

Meet the team:

Janet Rosseth - Founder & CMO. Janet has been marketing multifamily portfolios for over 25 years, always with a passion for streamlining workflow, mentoring others, and differentiating brands.

Christy Schultz - Client Success Manager. Christy started in multifamily marketing with Janet 5 years ago, and moved through various roles including research analysis, and leasing. She spent the last year with The Excelsior Group in the creative department on brand development & lease-up project management. She brings her client management, and vast experience to this newly created role.

Aly Bilyeu - Integrations Support. Aly joined the Cadence Crew in 2020. She has been instrumental in the build-out, onboarding, and training support for several client projects including RentCafe website build and launch, CRM rollouts, leasing and reputation management support.

Brianna Pyka - Events & Advisory. Brianna was the first Cadence Crew member, also with history working with Janet. She joined Cadence MS in 2018 in a part time advisory role to help shape what is now the highly anticipated Cadence Connect event series. She has been a trusted advisor on growth, expanded services, and business tools.

This crew has been carefully selected based on their passion for the industry and all things marketing, along with their eagerness to constantly explore new tools and embrace new new ideas that fit differing client needs. We work hard and play hard and have immense respect for family and life balance.

Our creative crew is excited to bring you new resources to help set the cadence of your creative endeavors. Watch for new products and resources we've been developing to serve your portfolio & performance needs. We look forward to collaborating with you!


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