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It’s Never Just a Lead Issue - Let’s Talk Occupancy Recovery

It's never just a lead issue, right?

If you are currently struggling with unwanted vacancy and occupancy recovery challenges, you are certainly not alone! There can be a wide range of reasons an asset is underperforming and many times, more than one factor is at play. Because of this, occupancy recovery can be a complicated issue to tackle, many times needing the involvement and alignment of several different stakeholders within an organization to identify and overcome obstacles.

We tackle occupancy challenges with an 8-part focus:

  • current property stats vs industry benchmarks

  • company process & accountability plan

  • market comp assessment

  • prospect facing marketing

  • leasing model & conversion goals

  • reputation management

  • applicant screening & move-in process

  • resident retention trends

Our team at Cadence Marketing Solutions has faced these challenges alongside our clients and we've developed a comprehensive workshop and checklist addressing each of these categories to coach your team in developing an internal process to guide underperforming assets to occupancy recovery.

Our workshop consists of three sessions and participants finish with actionable items related to current and expected baseline metrics and goals and a defined company threshold and recovery process, complete with meeting cadence and accountability standards.

Interested in aligning your team around a shared process, increasing occupancy, achieving budgeted rents, and building a repetitive solution? This workshop is perfect for senior leaders, regional managers, marketers, and multi-site leasing managers!

We have a session starting soon! To learn more and save your spot, visit!

Not sure if it's for you? Or need to get approval? If you answer YES to any of the following statements, you'll find value in this workshop.

1️⃣ Your vacancy loss is more than the cost of the workshop.

2️⃣ You have properties that have spent more than 3 months on the watch list.

3️⃣ You’re throwing more ad dollars at vacancy and not seeing net + absorption.

4️⃣ Your strategic recovery plan is simply to have meetings.

5️⃣ You’d like to make headway on recovery & share a strategy with your team.

We'll see you there! Questions? Let's chat. Interested in a custom session for your organization? If you have four or more people you'd like to attend, reach out and we'll schedule a session just for your group - perfect for your whole regional management team + marketing!

Looking for additional support for your underperforming asset? Cadence Marketing Solutions offers several Asset Performance Audit options to assess your leasing experience from a prospect lens and provide property-specific recommendations that you need to competitively position your asset to achieve your leasing goals. Learn more about our STRIDE and SPRINT reports and contact us with questions and to order your audit today!




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