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2023 in Review & Looking Ahead: Cadence Marketing Solutions

As we welcome in the new year with excitement, it's with immense gratitude that we reflect on the milestones and accomplishments of 2023. To all the dedicated professionals in multifamily housing - marketers, leasing managers, operations teams, leadership, and executives - your unwavering commitment to making a difference in the industry continues to inspire us!

At Cadence, our sights are set higher than ever as we gear up to offer even more support and education in 2024. But before we dive into our aspirations for the coming year, let's take a moment to celebrate the incredible journey of 2023.

Here's a snapshot of what we achieved together:

Launched the Cadence Run Club, an online community catering to marketers

Connected over 100 industry marketing professionals, fostering collaboration and growth

Hosted 50 Live Monday education sessions on Cadence Run Club, providing valuable insights and learning opportunities

Engaged in 50 Friday Coffee Chat sessions, our cherished "support group" gatherings

Organized 2 in-person Cadence Connect sessions, facilitating meaningful interactions and networking

Provided consultancy and advisory support to 11 Client Partners, contributing to their success

Completed more than 40 STRIDE - Digital Prospect Experience Audits, enhancing digital experiences

Conducted 5 SPRINT - Market Competitiveness Audits, empowering informed decision-making

Facilitated 2 ROAD MAP - Custom Discovery + Planning Strategy sessions, shaping strategic direction

Analyzed over 100 market reports and monitored concessions in 5 submarkets, staying ahead of trends

Presented at over 10 events including AIM nationally, local industry gatherings, and custom client events

All while achieving balance in our personal and family lives, because that is critical to well-being, and to bringing our best selves to our work.

None of this would have been possible without the support and collaboration of our incredible clients, esteemed vendor partners, dedicated Run Club members, and extensive networks. Your shared experiences and engagement have made 2023 an extraordinary year.

Let's make the moments & the miles count in 2024!!

P.S. Stay tuned for the exciting opportunities and events we have in store for you this year! Keep an eye on what's coming at



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