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  • Christy Hammad

004 - Branding Beyond Logos with guest Stacey Feeney

"Today, we're thrilled to have Stacey Feeney from Zipcode Creative join us to explore the nuances of branding in the multifamily industry. In this episode, Stacey shares her journey from property management to launching a specialized creative agency and provides valuable insights on:

*Convincing stakeholders of the importance of comprehensive branding.

*Creating a brand strategy that goes beyond just logos and color palettes.

*Utilizing psychographics and resident demographics to inform branding decisions.

*Maintaining brand consistency through efficient processes and employee training.

*Measuring the ROI of branding efforts and understanding its long-term impact.

We also discuss practical tips for optimizing your marketing efforts, from enhancing your property's visual identity to crafting compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience. Whether handling a new development or considering a corporate rebrand, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help elevate your branding game. For more resources, podcasts, and blogs, visit"



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