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  • Christy Hammad

003 - Building Efficient Work Models with guest Anthony Paganucci

"Unlock Multifamily Marketing Success: Expert Insights with featured guest Anthony Paganucci and host Janet Rosseth. #MultifamilyMarketing enthusiasts, I am thrilled to dive into strategies for achieving higher performance and efficiency in your work models. Welcome to another episode of Optimized, the marketing performance podcast brought to you by the Multifamily Media Network. I’m Janet Rosseth, your host with 25 years of multifamily marketing experience and founder and CMO of Cadence Marketing Solutions. Today, we're thrilled to have Anthony Paganucci, founder and CEO of Brynson, share his insights on improving multifamily marketing performance. In this episode, we discuss: The true meaning of "optimized" and why it's crucial for marketing efficiency. Anthony's journey and the foundation of Brynson. How Brynson innovative platform helps level the playing field for smaller owner-operators. The importance of managing ad spend and leveraging data for better decision-making. Tips for achieving 1% better in your personal and professional life.

Join us as we explore strategies to streamline your marketing efforts, enhance your decision-making process, and ultimately, achieve higher performance in the multifamily industry. Don't miss out on these valuable insights! Please visit for more industry-specific podcasts on various topics and learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. If you enjoyed this episode, please like, comment, subscribe, and share!"



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