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  • Christy Hammad

002 - Importance of Building Networks with Tara Samuels - Optimized

"Welcome to another episode of Optimized, the go-to marketing performance podcast powered by Multifamily Media Network. Join your host, Janet Rosseth, a multifamily marketing guru with 25 years of experience, as she welcomes Tara Samuels, the visionary behind Multifamily Mentor Matchmaking. Join us as we discuss multifamily marketing, explore efficient work models, and discover new perspectives. We're all about driving you to be 1% better every day!

In this episode, Tara shares her remarkable journey in the multifamily sector, shedding light on her innovative approach to creating meaningful industry connections that withstand the test of time. From starting out in the industry by sheer chance to becoming a pivotal figure in mentor matchmaking, Tara’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

If you’re aiming to enhance your marketing strategy and embrace new ideas in the multifamily space, you’ve hit play on the right episode. Remember, if you enjoy our content, like, comment, and hit the subscribe button for more insightful discussions. Reach higher performance levels today by visiting!"



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