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  • Christy Hammad

001 - Introduction to Optimized & Our Goal to Find 1% - Optimized

"Unlocking Multifamily Marketing Success: Janet Rosseth's Journey and Insights on the Optimize Podcast. Hey, hey! I'm Janet Rosseth, your host for the Optimize podcast by Multifamily Media Network. I've got 25 years under my belt in multifamily marketing and today marks a thrilling step into podcasting! Join me as we explore the world of marketing, aiming for a 1% improvement daily.

This episode is packed with insights from the nuances of market analytics to the wisdom of experience across different housing sectors. I'll share my journey from a leasing agent to founding Cadence Marketing Solutions and more. Whether you're a veteran or new to the industry, there’s something here for you. If you're passionate about marketing and want to optimize your strategy by leveraging every tool and trend, this is your podcast! Discover discussions on efficient work processes, industry challenges, and innovative solutions that can transform your approach.

Listen to the full episode to catch all the details and start optimizing your multifamily marketing strategies today. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more valuable insights! Visit for more podcasts, thought leadership, and opportunities to connect with industry leaders."



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