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Empowering Multifamily
Owners and Operators:

Is Your Marketing Department Getting the Support It Deserves?
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In running, cadence is defined as the total number of steps you take per minute and one of the factors which make up a runner’s speed. As runners find their optimal cadence, they are able to run at the same speed with less effort. Efficiency at it’s finest.
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At Cadence Marketing Solutions, we specializes in pacing strategies to support marketers and help multifamily owners, operators, developers, and suppliers achieve continued marketing growth. We know what it’s like to sprint towards new technologies and trends, only to find that there’s not enough bandwidth to maintain them effectively. 
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We are here to keep both industry newcomers and tenured marketers and teams of all sizes well supported to go the distance - whether your current marketing efforts are feeling like a marathon or a sprint.
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Discover Run Club by Cadence Marketing Solutions, a virtual platform and community offering education, resources, and collaboration designed for multifamily owners and operators who understand the unique challenges faced by marketing departments. Whether your marketing team is small in quantity, a solo marketer, or someone seeking fresh market insights, new technology and trends, or connection within the multifamily community, Cadence Marketing Solutions is your dedicated resource.

A photo of a baton being passed, Cadence is a partner in your marketing. We provide smooth, long and short-term partnerships

Tailored Support for Small Departments and Solo Marketers

In the dynamic world of multifamily marketing, small departments and solo marketers often face unique hurdles. At Cadence Run Club, we specialize in addressing current challenges, helping you organize your positions and team, and guiding your team on effective prioritization of your marketing needs.

Membership Investment

Our exclusive all-in Run Club membership is priced at just $599 per member, per year. 

Finally, an affordable network and education system just for multifamily marketers & vendor partners who serve our role!

“The three programs I’ve onboarded this year have either come from other Run Club members or have been introduced in Run Club sessions.”

Susan Switras Meyer, 15 Year Industry Professional

Operations & Marketing Manager, Mid Continent Management

Real-Time Information, 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Experience the Run Club difference! We provide real-time information that goes beyond standard resources. Our community is exclusive, focusing on the role of multifamily marketers – a community often under-supported at industry-association levels. Gain daily access to peers and learn how they use technology, address portfolio challenges, do more with less, and drive impactful change.

ROI: Lease Faster, Trim Your Budget, Educate Year-Round

Driving Success and Achieving More with Less

Your marketers need a community that understands the importance of doing more with less. Run Club is your gateway to a supportive network that shares insights on innovative strategies, practical solutions, and success stories. Be part of a movement that is reshaping the multifamily marketing landscape.

Invest in success with Run Club! Our low-cost annual membership guarantees faster leasing – one less concession at your property at a time. Trim the fat out of your marketing budget and educate your marketer year-round with a single, comprehensive resource. No duplicating topics, always timely insights.

Are you ready to upgrade your marketing?

If you love what you find here, Cadence Marketing Solutions has more to offer.

Dive into a world of valuable resources designed to empower multifamily owners and operators. Elevate your marketing strategies, streamline your operations, and lead with confidence.


Join Run Club today and revolutionize your multifamily marketing journey – where support, knowledge, and a thriving community await your success!

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Have we met? We are Cadence Marketing Solutions, a boutique consulting agency specializing in pacing strategies to support marketers and help multifamily owners, operators, developers, and suppliers achieve continued marketing growth. 
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