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Cadence Run Club

Finally, a dynamic community of fellow multifamily marketers who speak YOUR language

Photo of a running shoe, Cadence Marketing using shoe analogies to relay marketing strategy similarities to running.
In running, cadence is defined as the total number of steps you take per minute and one of the factors which make up a runner’s speed. As runners find their optimal cadence, they are able to run at the same speed with less effort. Efficiency at it’s finest.
An icon that shows growth over time.
Cadence Marketing Solutions was created to support marketers in pacing strategies to optimize and achieve continued marketing growthWe know what it’s like to sprint towards new technologies and trends, only to find that there’s not enough bandwidth to maintain them effectively. 
An icon showing a team atmosphere.
We are here to keep both industry newcomers and tenured marketers alike well supported to go the distance - whether your current marketing efforts are feeling like a marathon or a sprint.

welcome to Cadence Run Club

(being a runner not required!)
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Are you a marketing professional navigating the dynamic landscape of multifamily marketing? Do you find yourself seeking a community of like-minded peers who not only speak your language but truly understand the unique challenges you face?

Look no further – welcome to Cadence Run Club.


Our online community connects you with an enthusiastic and experienced support system of multifamily marketers and gives you access to all the tools, resources, and forms we have developed over the years to keep you well supported to go the distance - whether your current marketing efforts are feeling like a marathon or a sprint.

“I've learned so much about how other people in my role introduce new tech, how they manage the deluge of information, how they can get buy-in from staff and other team members. I always have someone to ask when I'm uncertain.”

Susan Switras Meyer, 15 Year Industry Professional,

Operations & Marketing Manager, Mid Continent Management

More than just an occasional webinar
The Run Club logo

Monday Sessions – Your Weekly Dose of Marketing Wisdom

Join us every Monday for engaging sessions that bring marketing professionals together. We go beyond the norm by featuring expert vendors and senior marketers who dive deep into trending topics, providing you with actionable knowledge to stay ahead in the competitive multifamily landscape.

Our Differentiator – Problem-Solving in a Non-Salesy Environment

What sets Run Club apart? In addition to connecting with peers who speak your language, you get the unique opportunity to interact with subject-matter experts on the supplier side – all in a non-salesy environment. We prioritize problem-solving, focusing on providing solutions that propel you past the learning curve.

Community Interaction: It's More Than Just Information Sharing

At Run Club, it's not just about sharing information; it's about fostering a collaborative environment where you can listen to the questions other marketers ask and contribute your own experience to the conversation. Our community thrives on interaction, enabling you to learn not only from experts but from your peers facing similar challenges.

Ready to experience Run Club and connect with marketers just like you?

A photo of a baton handoff like in a running race. Cadence partners with you in an active manner.

How to Use Run Club to Your Advantage

Wondering how to make the most of your Run Club membership? Dive into the community discussions to discover what tools and approaches your peers are using. Learn effective strategies for managing your role in a multifamily marketing department and gain valuable insights to enhance your professional journey.

Consider us the water stop in your marathon to marketing growth!

Membership Investment

Our exclusive all-in Run Club membership is priced at just $599 per member, per year. 

Finally, an affordable network and education system just for multifamily marketers & vendor partners who serve our role!

Join Run Club today and elevate your multifamily marketing experience.

It's more than a membership – it's a community of passionate professionals dedicated to staying ahead, solving problems, and accelerating success. Embrace the power of collaboration with Run Club by Cadence Marketing Solutions!

Questions? We are here to help.

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Have we met? We are Cadence Marketing Solutions, a boutique consulting agency specializing in pacing strategies to support marketers and help multifamily owners, operators, developers, and suppliers achieve continued marketing growth. 
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