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  • Christy Hammad

Introducing OPTIMIZED! A Marketing Performance Podcast

We are thrilled to announce that Cadence Marketing Solutions' Founder & CMO, Janet Rosseth, has officially launched a new podcast partnered with the Multifamily Media Network - OPTIMIZED! A Marketing Performance Podcast. Featuring special guests along the way, Janet will dig into topics that impact those who influence multifamily marketing to help listeners achieve higher performance, more efficient work models, better decision-making, and new perspectives. She's challenging and inspiring listeners both personally and professionally to achieve 1% better somewhere in their day.

Head over to to listen to the first few episodes and stay tuned for the exciting conversations to come.

And in the meantime, don't miss these episodes Janet was recently featured in!

"In this episode of the Multifamily Mix podcast, Barbara Savona sits down with Janet Rosseth, the CMO and founder of Cadence Marketing Solutions, to delve into the intricacies of lease-ups and what to do when things don't go as planned."

"In this episode, David and Reid are joined by Janet Rosseth, founder and CMO of Cadence Marketing Solutions. We delve into the creation and evolution of Cadence Marketing, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping community, connection, and education among marketing professionals. Janet also introduces us to the “Working Genius” model, revolutionizing team dynamics and project success. We also discuss the power of collaborative platforms like the Run Club and Cadence Connect sessions, designed to enhance skill sets, share challenges, and keep pace with industry trends. This conversation was filled with practical strategies, innovative approaches, and Janet’s outlook on marketing’s future in the multifamily space. So make sure you watch till the end!"



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