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COVID-19 Good News Content

How about some good news? Here’s a list of great ideas that have come from the good people in our industry who’ve been rolling up their sleeves to help operators communicate and adjust quickly:

COVID Confidence Concepts -

Leasing - Good news is that it’s been a busy leasing week! Prospects who are out there need a place to land quickly, so they’re serious. The smoother your process, the more likely you are to land the lease. For those uncertain and wanting to “wait to apply”, consider a Covid Confidence Clause that allows them to adjust their move-in date or cancel with proof of income loss. Contact your attorney.

Move-outs and Move-ins - call all of them and confirm that plans are still intact. There may be an opportunity to retain residents who were planning to move.

Resident Engagement -

NAA posted a list of ways to keep residents engaged during COVID-19 social distancing. Follow NAAHQ on social media for up-to-date info.

Sprout Marketing posted a video and topics for your social media pages to keep residents connected. They even created graphics for you, and thought about the pets at your property. Follow their social media pages for more great content.

Livly is offering a resident mobile app at NO COST. Tools include a real-time mass communication feed that enables your residents to stay informed. Please reach out to if you would like to learn more.

Pre-Designed Visual Communication -

Print With Me prepared ready-to-use digital images for all things COVID-19. Follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook to grab images.

Smart Apartment Tours -

SmartRent is offering a special (and affordable) touring platform to get 1-3 units set up quickly for self-guided tours. Contact for more info and follow them on social media.

Marketing Budget Intelligence & Adjustments -

The Digible team is giving back to the industry by offering their impressive Fiona Artificial Intelligence product free for non-active properties for the next 4 months. By doing this, they’ll be collecting tons of intelligence and sharing it with us. Fill out this form to get on Fiona! Their first webinar “Coronavirus & Your Apartment Marketing Strategy” is on Monday 3/23. Register to learn what they’re seeing in live data.

Amid all the chaos, there is so much good happening. Together, we’re evolving as an industry at rapid speed. Every client I’ve talked to this week has had an open dialog with many fellow operators to share information and react together. This is why we remain passionate about this industry!

Hang in there, and I’ll keep posting. Thanks for reading!



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