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Cadence Connect Recap: The Prospect Experience

We were so excited to get together again in person at Fat Pants Brewery for a fantastic conversation surrounding the prospect experience with Grady Newman with Resi, Gavin Dickson from Zuma, and Trevor Park from RentDynamics. We had about 50 people in attendance, many of whom were first-timers!

Grady Newman, with Resi, dove deep into the idea of a shift in marketing for lead generation to marketing for e-commerce and gave us some great examples on how to make that transition. We can remove friction in the e-commerce experience by focusing our website on design with better data and dynamic content.

We know we still have a critical need to automate as many steps of the pre-leasing process as possible, allowing the leasing agents to focus on the hottest prospects who are ready to lease.

Gavin Dickson, from Zuma, spoke on one of the industry’s hottest topics, AI, but emphasized that it should not replace the value of human insight and expertise, and we still need humans to guide it. AI-powered reporting tools provide greater visibility into leasing behaviors, minimizing potential losses and maximizing returns.

And Trevor Park, from RentDynamics, spoke about the importance of using the information that you collect from your website user behavior and applying it to pre-leasing tools. If we personalize notes on each prospect in our CRM's, we would have a very powerful renewal strategy focused on each renter.

Grady, Gavin and Trevor will also be upcoming Run Club speakers for our Monday live sessions, so if you haven’t signed up already for our exclusive multifamily marketing community, click here to learn more and sign up! Once you are signed up, you are also able to access past Run Club lives and see what you've missed.

Again, we want to thank our amazing sponsors and attendees for such a wonderful event. We are planning our next Cadence Connect event, so be sure to fill out our survey (link here) so we can get your feedback on format, and keep an eye on our website for future continuing education topics!



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