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Cadence Connect Online September 2020 Recap: Expert Tips from Digible & Laurel Zacher Part II

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Huge thanks to Laurel Zacher for sharing her learnings and marketing transformation

process in September's Cadence Connect Event. She shared how she constantly pivoted every month with Security Properties Residential(SPR) in her role as Vice President, Marketing and Talent Development. The results; a Your Tour, Your Way initiative that blended virtual, video, and self-guided prospect tours with online content and human touch points to maximize rental conversions.

Here are five tips from her presentation:

  1. Meet prospects where they are. SPR developed Your Tour Your Way which included 360 Matterport, Floor Plan Videos, Live Video Tours, Self Guided Tours and Accompanied Tours

  2. Use common best practices for video like no longer than one and a half minutes, be yourself and add your personality and don't forget to utilize the pause function for easy editing

  3. Practice makes perfect! Be sure to share videos and ask for feedback from many different audiences.

  4. Create videos that fit your property, if you have only one video that's ok. Take note, maybe consider turning common questions into a video since common questions may have changed.

  5. Track and celebrate successes! SPR had over 39,000 views in 2020.

Be sure that owners, investors, marketing and everyone in between is utilizing the same definitions too. Laurel added, what is media, what is an event and what is a tour are the important basics to define? Other challenges Laurel's team faced include tracking, how are tour types viewed and which tour types are eligible for leasing bonuses? Great questions to answer for all!

For Part I of the blog recap, click here.



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