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Introducing the Newest Member of the Cadence Crew!

We’re adding to the Cadence Crew again, and we’re so thrilled to introduce the newest member!

Kari Shideman is joining our mission! With nearly 20 years of experience in the multifamily industry, specifically marketing, she barely needs an introduction. Her career has spanned across marketing operations, vendor services, marketing tech, and advertising products. She’ll be bringing her expertise, creativity, and authenticity to our product research & development, and content creation.

If you’ve known Kari and Janet throughout their careers, you know there’s a history of collaborative chemistry! We’re so excited to get this band back together and add to the talented Cadence Crew to bring our ideas to life.

Cadence MS is on a mission to deliver products and services that help pace new marketing initiatives for multifamily owners, developers, and marketers to speed past the learning curve in both operations and asset performance.

Please help us welcome Kari to our team of dynamic women who have a passion and gift for this industry. We’re committed to our clients, our partners, and our relationships - AND to the importance of balancing our families and our own well-being.

Keep an eye on this team! We’ll be bringing you even more tools & resources to set the cadence of YOUR creative efforts.



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