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Cadence Connect - Final 2020 Recap with expert tips from 30 Lines & Garin Hamburger

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Our final collaborative Cadence Connect session of 2020 was full of tips to take with you into 2021 and beyond!

We welcomed a panel of experts including Mike Whaling, Kristi Fickert, and Donje Putnum from 30 Lines, PLUS Garin Hamburger, Senior Director, National Property Marketing from Cushman & Wakefield (formerly Greystar).

Mike, and the 30 Lines team delivered valuable tips to automate tedious leasing & marketing steps to convert more leads. Check out Part 2 for Garin’s Top 10 list of trends that will stay - delivered in a highly entertaining “Fallon Style” format. If you were registered, you’ll receive the recorded video link. If not, be sure to read on, and register for the next session.

Here is Part 1 of our December Cadence Connect recap.

Actionable tips from 30 Lines. Enjoy!

1 - To deliver high touch, automate the tedious.

Take repetitive tasks off the on-site team’s plate. Have your on-site team write down everything they do in a day. What shows up multiple times? For those activities, identify one to two ideas on how they could be automated. Make it a team exercise so all parties have buy-in.

2 - Watch for preferences from the customer point of view.

Not through the lens of the leasing team. For every email response and every return phone call. Stop and pause to identify two things you can provide the prospect BEFORE they ask. And constantly do a gut check with yourself, is your communication most relevant to the way the prospect is engaging with you? Be sure to match your response with the experience, it’s not a one size fits all experience.

3 - Look at how prospects behave, not just what they tell you, to guide your process.

Actions speak louder than words (and attribution reports). Choose a prospect and record each activity to help identify ways to inform how you do daily activities. Complete this once a week or every other week for improvements that can have a huge impact.

4 - Tell your story. Over and over again.

How many locations can a prospect find your company story and what sets you apart? Refer to some of the above activities to identify specific locations your story can be added.

5 - You don’t need more leads. You need to take better care of the leads you already have.

The industry average conversion rate is 5% of all leads! Do we constantly need more leads or do we need more leverage on our pipeline? Challenge yourself to identify one innovative opportunity to make a memorable moment for your prospect everyday and then think about if it can be replicated or even automated.

What do all of these have in common? They provide you with the opportunity to advertise less, so you can lease more, but you need to be consistent and intentional.

Check out December Part 2 for Garin Hamburger’s Top Trends of 2020 that will stick around in 2021.



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