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2022 Year End Top Ten

We can't resist wrapping up 2022 with our Top 10 observations, as presented in our final Cadence Connect session of the year. Be sure to check out the recap from that collaborative session here.

This year we decided to forgo our typical event sponsorship, and were able to donate 540 meals to Second Harvest Heartland with our registration fees collected. This is a local nonprofit that operates across the emergency food chain to distribute healthy food, partner with community resources, and help neighbors thrive.

Now, to get to the good stuff! Janet’s top ten of 2022 was a great insight into items that caught our attention within the multi-family marketing industry, and with no further adieu:

TEN: In-person events are back! We are embracing and prioritizing networking, and we saw that first-hand with our record attendance for our Cadence Connect event in October. Other events like NAA and AIM were also heavily attended.

NINE: Partnerships are trending. We love how we’re seeing some of the partners we utilize working together like Digible & Opiniion, Rent & and RealPage & Knock CRM.

EIGHT: Better, then worse, then better! Janet predicted this back in 2021! We saw “better” through 2022, and now are preparing for “worse” in 2023, but looking forward to a “better” 2024.

SEVEN: Personalized videos continue to be a great tool, and be sure to structure your follow-ups in pre-sale follow ups to include various forms of video engagement.

SIX: We know there is a staffing shortage, and with unfilled positions, quiet quitting and new twists on benefits, it’s hard to keep good staff, and keep them engaged.

FIVE: Reputation management extends well beyond resident reviews!

FOUR: Time spent preparing for rent control - IYKYK.

THREE: Housing demand & rent growth nationally….. except in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Of the 20 top markets nationally, we sat on the bottom of the list for rent growth (by quite a large margin) all year.

TWO: Cadence MS Introduces “Run Club!” Join the community for live sessions, library of resources, and a community of like minded professionals. Be on the lookout for information in the new year ways to engage! Together, we’ll make the “worse in 2023” much more tolerable.

ONE: Landlord Video Game! This is the most entertaining thing to hit multifamily in 2022! Be sure to check it out for a good laugh.

We were also able to celebrate some great wins amongst the group on the call, and the questions pre-submitted in the registration form were absolutely fantastic, which will be covered in the next blog post. Stay tuned!



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