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FAST TRACK: Marketing 101

The essentials pack for Marketing Directors in multifamily designed to prepare you and your team to be set up for success. 

SPRINT Asset Audit Report

The SPRINT report provides invaluable insight and property specific recommendations that you need to competitively position your asset and drive the success of your marketing & leasing efforts.

SPRINT  STRIDE Introduction (8).png
  • Market Conditions

  • Forecasting & Retention

  • Pricing & Concessions

  • Promotion & Advertising

  • Brand Positioning Tactics

  • Performance Metrics and More

STRIDE Prospect Experience Report

Our STRIDE report is a one-of-a-kind measurement of your leasing experience from the prospect lens. We measure the Friction Factor in your current presence and processes to provide recommendations that will ultimately drive lead conversion.

  • Digital curb appeal score card 

  • Property website and ILS appeal

  • Ease of connecting to your leasing team

  • Personalized leasing experience vs. digital experience

  • Friction Factor in ease of the whole experience

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