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December Cadence Connect Recap 4 of 4: Source Attribution & Ad Strategies

This blog is the last in a series of four posts recapping our engaging December Cadence Connect event. In this session, Our expert panel was made up of hot-topic vendors - David Staley from Digible, Mike Whaling from 30 Lines, Jackie Wint-Gaehwiler from Knock CRM, and Michelle Murphey from SmartRent - that addressed some of multifamily marketers’ most burning questions this year. Check out the first three recaps on our blog for, and be sure to watch for information on the next Cadence Connect event!

The fourth portion of the session was a bit of a “hotdish” conversation around source attribution and ad strategies, and some of the trends we should expect to see continue into 2022. Below are our takeaways from our key questions during this portion of the conversation - also reference the event recording here starting at 1:11:26.

1. Trying trendy new media sources

David and Mike both agreed that the verdict is still out on TikTok, YouTube, and Connected TV paid advertising. The ROI hasn’t proven to be worthwhile for most single property budgets. But creativity behind general awareness, or portfolio marketing with centralized leasing might prove to be more effective. In typical Mike Whaling wisdom, he pointed out that all the cool and trendy, exciting new sources should still just be a place to win a prospect’s approval to contact via email or phone. That’s where the true follow-up happens and engages a further conversation.

2. Influencer marketing

We’ve all heard about it and seen it in our feed for products we might be interested in. This was a hot topic at some of the national multifamily conferences this year. As Mike Whaling described, influencer marketing is not going away. It’s word-of-mouth in a new format.

3. Choosing where to put your energy and your budget

When it comes to mass advertising, and social media presence, Cadence CMO & Founder Janet Rosseth adviced to “be where you're going to be most effective”. She went on to say that the companies that are everywhere, aren’t necessarily anywhere well and the companies that choose a few channels and really work it are the ones with the most impressive digital presence. Consider your team’s bandwidth and expertise, the strengths of your onsite teams, and your brand’s personality. If you can’t execute it really well in both content and conversion, there’s probably a better place to spend your time.

4. Brand continuity

Brand awareness and continuity across all platforms as well as in our prospect and resident experiences needs to be on your radar. From employee experience, to prospect and resident experience, it should be crystal clear what your brand stands for. Jackie from Knock said it best that people "want to see a business in a personal way, and feel a connection to it”. Because there are so many advertising channels, tools and technology and digital amenities that play into these experiences, strategic effort is necessary to tie each back to the brand.

Be sure to check out the next Cadence Connect Event in January and join our conversation about reputation marketing - beyond just resident reviews!



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