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December Cadence Connect Recap 2 of 4: Employee Recruiting & Retention

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

This blog is the second in a series of four posts recapping our engaging December Cadence Connect event. In this session, Our expert panel was made up of hot-topic vendors - David Staley from Digible, Mike Whaling from 30 Lines, Jackie Wint-Gaehwiler from Knock CRM, and Michelle Murphey from SmartRent - that addressed some of multifamily marketers’ most burning questions this year. Keep your eye on our blog for the remaining posts, and be sure to watch for information on the next Cadence Connect event!

The second portion of our conversation consisted of discussion around employee recruiting and retention, as well as the role that marketing teams play in supporting these efforts within an organization. With many companies in the industry facing staffing shortages, recruiting and retaining good employees is more important than ever. And in many cases, the marketing team is being looked to for support in recruiting efforts related to employee feedback, culture content, and brand story to advertise open positions.

Lucky for us, this is a topic that our panel had great insight into, and we have outlined some of our key tips and takeaways regarding what our panels are seeing at either their company or others related to recruiting and retention. Also, take a listen to the event recording here - this portion of the conversation begins at 36:15.

1. Transparency is key.

Be upfront with prospective employees regarding not only benefits and compensation, but also growth potential and what a career path could look like at your company.

2. Differentiate yourself.

David at Digible made the point that just salary, flexibility or benefits won’t seal the deal with prospective employees, it has to be a mix. And beyond that, Digible offers additional benefits to support employee wellbeing and engagement. Employees are given 2 hours per week to participate in an activity to better themselves - whether it be volunteering at an organization they are passionate about, or taking their child to the zoo. Simple yet intentional benefits like this are what can truly set companies apart from competition. It's no surprise that this intentional recruiting and engagement strategy has enabled Digible to grow at a rapid pace, while also still achieving Top Workplace awards year after year in Denver.

3. A flexible work schedule is IN, and it is here to stay!

In many cases, the traditional 40 hour work week in office 9-5 is a thing of the past. Employees now expect flexibility. Digible now offers a 4 day work week, and Mike from 30 Lines shared that they offer a “build your own work week” allowing employees the flexibility to choose their hours and work when it is best for them and their families.

4. Pizza parties don’t count.

Everyone loves a pizza party, however Michelle from SmartRent pointed out: don’t let this be the extent of your employee benefits or recognition! Employees are looking for real benefits: PTO, monetary bonuses, increased flexibility, etc. And if these benefits aren’t something your company is offering, employees won’t have trouble finding it somewhere else.

5. Don’t tell them, show them!

Michelle from SmartRent and Jackie from Knock agreed - putting effort into advertising your company through employee testimonials and media that demonstrates company culture is a worthwhile investment. This allows prospective employees to hear from current employees about their great experience at your company, as well as get a peek into what the culture is like.

6. Where they look, you should be.

Between LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and your Google Business Listing, prospective employees have a lot of opportunities to be exposed to your company’s digital presence - potentially even forming an opinion on your company before they even interview. Company engagement on these platforms is critical to putting your best foot forward online. Here at CadenceMS, we're helping many of our clients build a more concise workplace culture story that can be told across recruiting sites, and we're leveraging partners that have the ability to engage employees, and business partners for feedback that wins both new recruits, and new business opportunities. {Teaser, join the January Cadence Connect session for more on this topic}

7. In the words of Wayne Gretzky - “Skate where the puck is going, not where it has been."

As Mike from 30 Lines pointed out, the job market is changing. Positions that didn’t exist 5 years or even 1 year ago do now. As mentioned previously, employee expectations are also changing and the companies that are willing to adapt to these expectations and proactively make changes themselves will come out better than those waiting for things to go back to “normal.”

8. Be prepared to get creative.

In prep for this session, our Founder & CMO, Janet Rosseth did some simple job searching across Indeed. Just in the Twin Cities, there were over 300 Leasing Agent positions posted, and 250 Property Manager listings. You'll need to be pretty creative to rise to the top. Consider re-writing your job description, renaming the position, and highlighting qualifications that might draw from parallel industries. CadenceMS is assisting clients in filling marketing roles, and we've been building a library of position titles and descriptions to help craft roles that align with our client's needs. Consider a similar approach to freshen your job postings.



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