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Adapting to Remote Working

If you're among the droves of companies launching remote work protocols on short notice and rapid response, I've been compiling tips and helpful articles to help you adapt. Consider not just the set-up for your employees, but the importance of connecting.

For many, work is where normal life happens, and routine is consistent. In the office, relationships and camaraderie stretch beyond department walls and direct co-workers. Remote working removes important aspects of "the village" we depend on when we arrive each morning ready to dig in.

In uncertain times, encouraging the virtual workplace banter and water cooler conversations will be increasingly important, as will leadership with a careful balance of persistence, humanity, and compassion.

Tips for getting set up:

  • Get your technology in order

  • Make sure you have bandwidth

  • Remember, the kids are home too

  • Manage expectations

  • Know your weaknesses/distractions

  • Embrace the webcam

  • Stay connected

  • Do what you can, discuss when you can't

  • Encourage the right set-up

  • Quiet and distraction free

  • Comfortable but structured

  • Stocked with necessities (assemble a kit of essentials)

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Reliable devices/tools/apps - Slack, HipChat, Zoom, HighFive

  • Access to critical information - Google Docs, Dropbox

The humorous take on getting set up

Tips for managing & communicating with teams:

  • Make sure everyone understands the process & expectations

  • Create visible productivity - time tracking? Reachability? Group polls for check-in?

  • Establish boundaries - start/stop schedule, results over hours, disconnect for work/life balance

  • Avoid pitfalls - switching gears too much, feeling isolated, overloading

  • Create a virtual water cooler - staying connected face-to-face is important even by video

  • Connect with occasional one-on-ones

  • Host a rally event once in a while - Door Dash certificates for lunch orders and lunch together on Zoom

Tips for leadership in uncertain times:

  • Be exceedingly human

  • Be persistent with communication

  • Be creative

  • Stretch beyond “business as usual” to encouraging humor and compassion

I hope you find these useful, and encourage you to share any resources you've found helpful as well.



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