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We've gathered insights from more than 100 Digital Leasing Stride Report Audits, and we're seeing a trend. Google Business Profiles aren't receiving the attention they need! While your listing is free, it requires regular maintenance to optimize performance. The Cadence team is ready to enhance your Google Business Profile to give you the SEO boost and competitive edge you need to increase leasing performance.

What We'll Optimize:

  • Photo Gallery 

  • Logos & Descriptions

  • Key Brand/Property Information

  • Contact Action Points

  • Amenity & Floor Plan Product Cards

  • Basic Starter Posts

  • Recent Review Responses (if needed)


Just a quick Discovery Session is all we need to get started, and make sure we have everything we need to enhance your listings. Post-implementation, you'll have the chance to review and request edits.

Google Business Profile Optimization Pricing:

  1. Single Property: $300 per property or corporate profile 

  2. Multi-Property: $1000 for 4 profiles (must be ordered together)

Order using the link below and someone from the Cadence team will be in touch with you shortly. This is a limited-time service offering through July 2024. Order by June 15th to guarantee that your profiles make our completion list.

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